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Certified Ceramic Coating Installer

We are certified installers for System X®, one of the industry's leading ceramic coating providers. We have been trained to properly install their coatings to ensure exceptional results! To find out more about System X® products, click the link below to visit their website!

What Are Ceramic Coatings?

Ceramic Coatings are one of the strongest forms of protection for vehicles. They are used to protect a vehicle's clear coat, gel coat, or fiberglass. Ceramic coating technology is not only used in the automotive industry but also the marine and aircraft industry! Ceramic coatings offer much more protection than a traditional wax. They are designed to last for years!

Many detailers offer cheap less effective coatings. Few offer professional grade coatings.

Why Choose Our Ceramic Coatings?

  • We only install professional grade coatings, which offers more protection, durability, and easier future cleanings.  
  • Offers years of protection
  • Adds deep shine and gloss to a vehicles paint
  • UV protection 
  • Durably Hydrophobic properties
  • Adds a slick layer to paint
  • Can be installed on top of Paint Protection Film
  • Warranty 

Our Coating Installation Process

Paint Preparation Stage:

  • License plates(s) removed
  • Detailed cleaning of entire vehicle
  • Paint Decontamination Stage:
    • Iron fallout removal
    • Full body clay bar treatment
  • This stage takes around 3 hours to complete.

Paint Correction Stage:

Final Inspection Before Installation:

  • Entire vehicle wipe down with an Isopropyl Alcohol solution to remove any oils left behind from the the previous stages
  • Vehicle Inspected to ensure paint it's ready for coating application 
  • This stage takes around 1 hour to complete.

Coating Application:

  • Ceramic Coating applied panel by panel.
  • We apply 2-3 layers on vehicles to enhance durability and add addition luster to the paint
  • This stage takes around 5 hours complete.

Quality Inspection Stage:

  • Vehicle Inspected under lights for quality assurance.
  • Vehicle released back to customer

Ceramic Coating Vs Sealants Vs Waxes

Ceramic Coating Video

Take a Look at Our Ceramic Work!

Ceramic Coating Options


Crystal SS™ *Popular*

Protection Level: Up to 3 Years

Time: 2 Days

Installation Price: Starts at $1,250

  • Semi-Permanent Self Cleaning Properties

  • For Automobiles Only
  • Adds Brilliant Shine & Gloss



Protection Level: 6 Years

Time: 2 Days

Installation Price: Starts at $1,550

  • Durable Paint Protection
  • For Automobiles Only
  • Passed Rigorous Boeing Approval Testing
  • 6 Year Warranty


Max™ (Lifetime Coating) *Popular*

Protection Level: 10+ Years

Time: 2 Days

Installation Price: Starts at $1,950

  • Our highest level of protection!
  • Perfect For Automobiles & Boats
  • Up to Four Times Thicker
  • 2X stronger
  • 2X More Durable
  • Lifetime Warranty!


Protection Level: Up To 2 Years

Time: 5 hours

Price: Starts at $350

  • Protects Windshields, Mirrors, Headlamps,& all Glass Surfaces.

  • Protect Against Micro Scratching

  • Dramatically Increases Visibility in Rain

  • Makes De-Icing During Winter Easier

  • Makes Cleaning of Windows Easier

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